Had oral sex a week ago. Having flu like symptoms. Could I have HIV or simply the flu?

Cold. HIV is rarely transmitted from oral sex. This sounds like a cold combined with some stress and anxiety related to sexual activity. HIV is most often transmitted by infected blood or sexual secretions; however, some cases of oral transmission have been reported also. I suggest getting an HIV test to put your mind to rest.

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Hello. What are the symptoms of HIV? I'am scared to go to our health center to get tested. I do have cough for 5days and flu-like symptoms. Thanks!

Flu-like symptoms. These can be a manifestation of acute HIV infection, along with others. They can also be due to many other things. Be realistic. If you were exposed to HIV go to the doctor and be tested. Early therapy is highly effective and you can have a normal life expectancy on current meds. Also it will make you feel less anxious if tests are negative. Good luck. Read more...

If just diagnosed as hiv+ and waiting for appointment, what can I do to alleviate flu-like symptoms?

get appt sooner. Flulike symptoms may be minor, or may indicate you have one of many infections related to hiv. Call ypur primary md to be seen, or insist on getting an earlier appointment with your HIV speciaslist. Read more...