Small red bumps that appeared out of nowhere today on the head on my penis and when I pull back the foreskin. They don't really hurt or itch?

Bumps on penis. It would be useful to know, if you have any other signs or symptoms along with these red dots like itching, fever, swelling of head of penis (glans penis). The shape and contour of the said red dots is also important.. Also as per you description, you noticed them after having sex. This may indicated a sexually transmitted infection. If they are red rash like spots with itching and/or swelling of head, then it could be an yeast (candida) infection. Small blister like lesions with pain and fever may strongly indicate a herpes infection. Molluscum contagiosum infection can appear as small bumps with central depression. Also, genital warts due HPV (Human papilloma virus) infection can present as small pink/red bumps over penis.
Bumps on penis. hello~ this could be due to a fungal infection under the foreskin, so wash well will soap and water and place an antifungal cream under the foreskin. If these bumps begin to be painful and look irritated and weep serum, then this is herpes and you should go and see you doc for treatment. thanks.

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Is it possible to be an std? I get red bumps in head of penis and foreskin it usually happens in thje morning when I wake up I usually just take a shower and it goes away in 1hr or so. Sometimes foreskin itches and it gets red....Is it possible it can be

It . It sounds like you may be dealing with an allergic reaction. Is it possible that you are using a new lotion, cream, soap, lubricant, or new condoms? If so this may be the cause of the bumps and itching. Pay close attention to any products you are using. If the problems worsens or persists then see your doctor. Lastly, if it comes and goes it is likely not an std. Good luck. Read more...
Balanitis. This is due to a tiny amount of urine under the foreskin. Smegma and other microorganisms proliferate as they feed on the urine. It is not an infection, but the metabolic products of these microbes is irritating. Make sure you wash and blot under the foreskin before sleep. Castellani solution wipes out the microorganisms and stops this symptom. It can be repeated when needed. A circumcision is cur. Read more...