Hi, does hypothyroidism can produce a burning sensation on vagina there´s no infection on paps or cultures, how hypo can afect vagina vulva and cervix?

Interesting issue. I've been a position for over 20 years and have treated many thyroid patients. I've never heard of thyroid issues causing your symptoms. I would seek the opinion of another gynecologist. There are certain rare conditions such as Lichen Planus that can do this. Of course I am not saying that you have this but maybe another doctor could figure out what is wrong with you. Best of luck!

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I have pain in vulva, sometimes extends to vagina, for 2 months now (burning sensation). It's due to using soaps and pads no infection I think?

Need a diagnosis. There are many things that can cause vaginal burning and a diagnosis is needed to determine the treatment. Yeast infections are the most common cause. Over the counter yeast creams are quite effective. Herpes is a common cause. Allergic reactions to household products are not rare. Lichen scleroris and lichen simplex chronicus are other skin disorders that we often find. An exam is needed. Read more...

Painful pee, vulva burning sensation for 10 days caused by latex allergy from rubber glove after pap smear. What's the cure? How long will it last?

Latex & itchy bottom. If your symptoms are related to latex exposure you probably have a contact dermatitis rather than ige mediated latex allergy. Generally these reactions last 10-14 days. Topical steroids can be of some help, but need to be used with caution in the vulvar ares. Oral steroids are helpful early on to shorten course, but do have systemic risks. Antihistamines minimally help the itch. See allergist. Read more...