HSV2 igg 1.5 IGM neg no s/s of infection. Never lesions, Thoughts. False (+) or (+) genital herpes infection. Virus dormant like HSV1? any worries

Maybe false positive. The HSV IgM antibody test is notoriously unreliable. Real herpes and STD experts never order that test and always ignore the result and so should you. If you have also had an IgG antibody test that is negative, you can safely assume your IgM result is false and that you don't have HSV2.
Past infection (?) HSV1 and HSV2 are part of the Herpesvirus Family; both can lie dormant in cells and can shed/cause sores later. Yes, the test can be a false positive- or it may mean you were infected in the past. Some get HSV infections it but don't even realize it- Ig M goes up in early infection, then drops when Ig G levels start to go up. If worried, talk to your doc who did the test.

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I have no herpes symptoms, not HSV1 or HSV2, not in or near my mouth, not on or near genitals. My girlfriend says I gave her genital herpes. Likely?

Ever? Have you ever had any Herpes anywhere? You can shed viruses even when you are not having an active outbreak. Read more...
Get Tested. To be 100% certain, you could always request that your doctor test you for both HSV1 & HSV2. If your results come back negative you could not have given either to her. Many people have HSV1 without knowing though - generally these are called cold sores or other names. Also, if you do text positive for either it does not mean you were the one that gave it to her especially considering ages. Read more...