I am taking a weight loss flush pill that is called acai berry cleanse and I am supposed to take it 4 times a day. Is it healthy to take these?

Scam. Acai palm fruit was the subject of a multi-level marketing scheme in the USA a few years ago. The marketers used a variety of fraudulent practices and ended up facing grave legal difficulties. A pilot study on the berries' effect on weight and health was a miserable failure nutrition journal. 10:45, 2011 if you are smart enough to be here, you are smart enough to see through false claims.
Acai Berry. As yet another supplement, that is not regulated by the fda, there is no good data supporting the effectiveness of acai berry. Again, may i recommend good old fashion healthy diet and increasing your activity level to a least a moderate activity level of 5-6 times per week of 30-45 minutes ore more of exercise to help you lose that weight and more importantly keep it off!
Clensing. Acai alone does not cleanse. What are the other ingredients? If it has cascara and/or senna, you need to take them with a lot of water. Watch out for dehydration. Taking large doses for long periods of time may affect your bowel habits. A week or less cleanse should not be a problem. If you are interested in more colon wellness information. Look at my educational site: indwellwellness.Com.
Dehydration. Be aware of dehidration.It doesn't work anyway.