I'm 19yrs old guy from INDIA. I never took HPV Vaccine. Should I get vaccinated now? In India HPV vaccination is not that common. Ppl don't take it

Stay here or tourist. A person usually follows the vaccine recommendations of the country he is living in (not just visiting for a vacation). If just living in the U.S. for a few months, and not needing vaccinations for school, work, etc., he can follow his home country's recommendations. In the U.S., all persons from about age 11-26 are recommended to get HPV vaccines (but HPV risk if very low if one never has sex).

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Dear Docs, I'm 20yr old healthy man, Is it mandatory to get HPV vaccine before I turn 27? HPV vaccination in my country (India) is not widely used.

Vaccine is advisable. Any of the HPV vaccines (whether bivalent, quadrivalent or nonavalent) will offer some protection against acquiring infections caused by some specific HPV strains and reduce your risks of developing lesions and tumors of your genital-perineal-anal tissues (penis, anus) and oropharyngeal tissues (mouth, tongue, throat) in the future. Avoiding "vaccine preventable diseases" is wise and recommended. Read more...