There's a bump on my vagina and at first I thought it was an ingrown hair until I peeled of the dry skin and white puss came out?

Early infection. Hello LanaO, Is there any redness/swelling or pain around the ingrown hair? White pus can be a sign of infection. I would recommend warm compresses. If you have redness/swelling/pain/fever or chills seek medical attention for antibiotics or drainage of the area. Also avoid shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. Regards, Dr. Cacho.

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A month ago I had what I thought was an ingrown hair in inner thigh. Red, painful, had puss. Now it's purple with hard bump under skin?? I'm std free

Did your squeeze it? If you did then the hard lump are white blood cells trying to scavenge the remaining bacterial breakdown products(pus). If you did not squeeze it, have a MD take a look and see what happened and if needed provide a Rx for topical use and antibiotics if severe. Read more...

I have a small hard pimple looking bump on the lower part of my outer vagina lip. I shaved and thought it was an ingrown hair. Hard and painless?

Inclusion cyst. This may be similar to an ingrown hair and is likely an inclusion cyst. If this should grow, you may want to have it evaluate by your gyne or have it checked at your next exam. Read more...