11 weeks pregnant and had 3 Strepsils today. Googled safety in pregnancy and as a precaution it's advised women do not take due to lack of studies. Could I have caused harm? And why is everything deemed unsafe if not proven safe? It's infuriating.

Cold lozenges & preg. 33 year old lady with question/cold lozenges and pregnancy. Clinical studies assessing the safety of a lemon lozenge strepsil in pregnant patients did not find an increased risk of malformations, spontaneous abortion, or decreased birthweight. Meds are deemed potentially harmful if not studied because research is the only way we know what the effects are. Please see links. Please stay calm/focused.
You & baby are fine. I know it is so frustrating trying to know what is safe during pregnancy. I think the best general advice I can give you is this: (1) be aware of the main things that are definitely off limits, (2) try to avoid taking things that aren't necessary, and (3) relax as much as it is possible; you won't stumble blindly into harming your baby, IMO. And the 3 Strepsils? You and baby are fine. No harm IMO.