Left arm just on the top side from my bicep and all down to my fingers sore to touch feels like sunburn, also in shoulder blade, under armpit, arm aching?

Possible allergy. The description of left arm shoulder blade and armpit , aching s-like sunburn aching suggests that it may be either allergic reaction to prolonged exposure to sun ,poison ivy or some infection is coming up ..See your doctor ,get examined and treatment .In the meantime you apply hydrocortisone ointment to left arm.

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After, jogging my left shoulder down to my shoulder blade, my upper left arm feel sore, and my fingers are numb and tingly. What is wrong with me?

Pinched Nerve. Very commonly, pain near or around the shoulder blade is not shoulder related at all. Instead, it is most often related to neck/cervical spine related issues. A "pinched nerve" from the neck either from a disc bulge/herniation/bone spur is usually the culprit. The only way to know for sure would require an evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon or perhaps your primary care provider. Read more...

Left arm feels sore last few weeks I have a lot of knots in my left shoulder blade area and neck. The soreness goes down to elbow what can I do to help

Cervical nerve root . Irritation of the mid and lower nerve roots in the cervical spine (neck part of the vertebral column), as in radiculopathy. Certain viral infections (e.g. Herpez zoster) may be implicated in this presentation. Other conditions are possible. Please see your doctor for a detailed evaluation. Until then, otc nsaids as directed. Read more...