Can you take prilosec and nexium (esomeprazole) together? Can I take zantac at night after taking prilosec in the afternoon?

Drug interactions. Prilosec is a brand of generic omeprazole. Nexium is a brand of generic esomeprazole, which is left mirror image of omeprazole. Therefore, you only take one, not both proton pump inhibitors (PPI). Zantac is brand of generic ranitidine, which is an H2 blocker, which isn't as powerful as PPI but can be used in conjunction w/PPI. Try lifestyle modifications to avoid acid reflux:

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Diagx GERD/ulcers 10 mos ago. Heartburn for 6 days after eating sweet/sour chicken. No relief with Prilosec or zantac. Cant take nexium (esomeprazole). What can I do.

Carafate (sucralfate) Hi Maria, since your symptoms have been unresponsive to your usual regimen, your doctor should be notified. Carafate (sucralfate) is a medication that may be considered for you, as it will coat any new or unresolved ulcers and help them heal faster. Read more...