Drug eluting stent placed due to heart attack. Last night began having sharp pain middle of chest. Not like heart attack pain. Lasts seconds then gone?

Chest pain-To Dr Now. Call your doctor now and tell them what is happening. If you cannot reach the doctor, go to the ER. Stents can develop blockages, especially if you forget to take your medications. Do not drive yourself if you are having pain. Call the ambulance if there is nobody to drive you.

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Had a drug eluting stent placed due to heart attack on Feb 27 this year. Last night started having sharp pain in center of chest. Lasts for 20-30 seco?

Chest pain post sten. Was the pain similar to the pain you had in the past, before the stent placement? You must see the cardiologist that placed the stents, I may be an early symptom of partial stent occlusion. Give him a call, and follow his advise. Read more...