Getting constant hip/knee pain, made worse by standing/sitting for extended periods. Swollen knees. Stiff jaw on a morning. Don't know why?

Orthopedic Consult. Good day; If I had such difficulties with my knees/hips post surgery, I would consult with a Prof. of Orthopedics at teaching hospital for a second opinion. DDS could understand stress of situation which could exacerbate TMJ symptoms.

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I am experiencing knee pain and knee pop. The following also describe me: Aches, Hip pain, and Knee stiffness. What should I do?

Rheumatologist. Consult a rheumatologist for diagnosis and treatment. You're experiencing several types of musculoskeletal symptoms which is unusual for your age. Symptoms could be due to injuries or overuse syndromes but could also be due to certain rheumatologic systemic disease. Read more...