What is a titer?

Dilution/concentrati. The term titer is usually used when the lab serially dilutes a specimen and tests for the presence of a substance, usually antibody. The highest dilution giving a positive results is called the tiler, e.G, if antibody is detectable at a dilution of 1:64, the specimen is said to have a titer of 64.
Measure concentratn. A titer indicates the maximum serial dilution at which the substance is still detectable. For example, if I have antinuclear antibodies detectable in my serum at a titer of 1:40, it means I can dilute the serum 1:40 with Normal Saline (weak salt water) and detect them, but if 1:80, I cannot detect them. Titer has meaning entirely depending on context.

Related Questions

What does speckled titer mean?

Rheumatological. There are types of appearances on electron microscope and speckled is one of them. Different rheumatological disorders may have that appearance, discuss with your doctor has to be put in context with other tests and presentation/ exam.

What does the titer result for hepatitis b surface ab test mean?

Marker of immunity. Surface ab is either a response to hep b infection or to injection of hep b vaccine. The titer indicates how much antibody is present in the blood. This level varies with time during the course of infection or following an injection.

What does a titer level of 1:4 for Big K antibody mean in pregnancy?

Could be risky. Kell antibody comes from the mother having been exposed to Kell-positive blood either by blood transfusion, or by a previous pregnancy with a baby who has the Kell antigen (which the baby gets from the father). The Kell antibody can be very dangerous to the baby if the current baby is Kell-positive. You need to test this baby's father for his Kell antigen type (NOT antibody; antigen).

What does titer with 180H with ANA IFA positive and homogeneous pattern mean?

ANA explanation. ANA are antinuclear antibodies which are seen in Systemic Lupus and some other disorders. Titer means how many dilutions in the test are still positive. The higher the number the more significant the test is clinically. 1:10-1:40 is low; 1 :80-1:320 is modest;1:680 and higher is high and very significant. Homogeneous is the most non-specific pattern seen even in drug-induced SLE. See your above.

What does an ANA titer of 1:40 with a homogeneous pattern usually indicate with bald spots on my scalp?

See a rheumatologist. An ANA titer of only 1:40 is usually considered to be a negative test. With the other issues, I would urge an opinion with a rheumatologist.