RA infected the left chest joints. Is my heart the next to be infected?

Unlikely . First of all, to clarify RA is an autoimmune disease, not an infection. Therefore, it can affect your body with multiple locations: joints, tendon, vital organs. Timing depends on the progression of your RA and how well it is under controlled. .

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Can an 18 year old have a heart problem with normal BP HR, 3 ekgs bloodworkchest X-ra echo, symptoms come and go (chest discomfort, Feeling breathless?

Unkikely. With a negative heart evaluation you the next look for other issues that trigger these symptoms. Reflux, anxiety, stress are some examples. Your doc may want to refer you for lifestyle counseling to sort out the stresses in your like. Read more...

I have RA. If I took the proper medication and eat healthy and do sports. Do I still havr the probabilty of getting heart and lung desease?

Discuss with MD. Controlling the advancement of your ra, with medications, diet, exercise; gives you the best chance to avoid complications, with hardened and blocked arteries, or inflammation of the sac around your heart, as well as lung scarring. It also can help to avoid osteoporosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A host of other health benefits would be gained by following your rheumatologist' plan for your ra. Read more...