I have a small, localized rash on my lower back. It looks similar to a heat rash (lots of small red bumps), but does not burn or itch. What is it?

Skin is hard to cure. Unfortunately sometimes skin and rashes are only able to be diagnose by direct observation. The cyber world trying to describe a rash fails miserably to get the real diagnosis. Since it does not hurt or itch and is not spreading then there is not any urgency to this. But, the next time you see your health care advisor ask them about this.

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After gym work or any exercise, my cheek breaks out in small red bumps, like heat rash or something similar, please help?

Rosacea? You likely have a condition known as rosacea which tends to exacerbate with any increase in core body temperature such as exercise. Consult your doctor re. a trial with a topical cream for the treatment. Some cases may require daily intake of an oral antibiotic. Read more...

I have small red bumps around my vagina and it's itching and burning what does that mean?

Infection? This amy represent yeat infection or other vaginal infection. See gyn for exam and culture.Ypu could try over the counter gyn lotrimin (clotrimazole) and see how well it works for you. Read more...