I had spinal fusion on lower back on 2/18/2013. I have numbness in left leg from the knee down, how long will it take for this to heal.?

Still early ... Once the post-surgical inflammation resolves, usually within a few months, the symptoms should improve. If other symptoms have improved and the numbness is tolerable, recommend waiting at least a year until the fusion has solidified. Discussing this first with the spine surgeon is the best thing since he or she knows the anatomy better than one can guess here.
Up to a year. It can take up to a year for the irritation of a nerve root s/p surgery to heal. You should experience improvement weekly unless the numbness disappears.

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On feb 18 I had lower lumbar spinal fusion, since then my left leg below the knee is numb, tingly today and skin around my leg feel tight. Is this norm?

See below. In general spine surgery is performed for radicular problems which is numbness and tingling down the leg , weakness of the foot and ankle and unrelenting back pain. There are also our other indications for spine surgery but it sounds like you or one of these of the above. I'm not sure the symptomatology you had prior to your fusion you may want to go back to your spine surgeon get follow-up x-rays and other diagnostic studies or you may want to seek a second opinion. Good luck thank you. Read more...

After spinal fusion it's been a year now and I still have numbness in left lower leg, below knee. Will this ever get better?

Maybe. Have you talked to your surgeon about this issue? You might consider seeing a pain specialist and having a EMG done. This could better assess the cause of the numbness...It might not be coming from the back, but rather further down the nerves pathway. Read more...