I have leftsided colitis. Tried 6mp, but developed pancreatitis. I am managing with asacol (mesalamine) and colocort enema. Still get blood in the stool. Advice?

Confirm,escalate. I would have your doc relook to reassess the disease and then, if active, consider biological therapy (remicade).
Ulcerative Colitis. Get referral to local ibd (inflammatory bowel disease) center if feasible or GI specialist with specific inteterest in ibd. There are several other options available. Options too detailed for discussion here.
Difficult problem. It is rare for left sided colitis to require colon removal, but it does happen. Before that, discuss the use of biologic agents or Cyclosporine with your GI doctor. These are very strong medications and may produce a remission; they will not cure your colitis, nor are these used for long term management. They may serve only to defer a surgical management option.