My potassium levels are consistently low so doc wants to order blood tests to check aldosterone & renin blood levels. I'm on propranolol. Is that ok?

Hyperaldosteronism. 21 M Louisiana notes K low & doc wants to test aldo & renin. Im on propranolol. Is that OK? ANS: better to test off all BP meds atleast 6 wks. I specialize in aldo % happy to do 2nd opinion. 1st need to find cause of low K and a 24 hr urine for Na, K and creat and plasma renin and aldo off meds is best start. See my Yahoo Group at [email protected] 2,000 like u.
Follow with Doc. It appears your Dr. is at least aware of your Hypokalemia (Low K), so continue to follow-up with the tests she/he is getting and assure that eventually the reason for your Low K is diagnosed and properly treated. Best wishes.