Doctor can she get pregnant if her period stopped at april 14th and we had sex on april 17th. It was unprotected sex but I pulled out.

Very unlikely. The most likely time to get pregnant is from several days before to several days after ovulation which will occur about two weeks after a woman starts her period. To be sure though you may consider using another form of contraception. Hope this helps.

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My girl had her period 6 days late, we had unprotected sex, can she be pregnat? We had sex december 3 and her period date was suppose to be the 26th?

Possible. Anytime you have unprotected sex, there is a possibility of pregnancy. People are not as predictable as we might like and both sperm and egg have been known to be viable longer than expected. Always use condoms for std protection and an effective birth control method when you have sex, if being a parent is not something you want at this time! Read more...