Should I get the acdf surgery done if I have 2 herniated disks cervical spine from c4 to c6 and c5-c6 is cimpressing on my spinal cord?

Comments. Neck surgery is a significant event, especially at age 25, and would strongly urge a second opinion, especially with a Neurosurgeon. If you do indeed have a spinal cord compression, this is a risky problem and needs more rapid intervention. The surgical technique may vary, but decompression is mandatory prior to cord damage.
Arthroplasty. If you have failed non-operative measures, an acdf is a very good and reliable surgical procedure. Considering your age, I would ask your surgeon about artificial disc technology. It can be a fight with the insurance company, but there is a disc replacement approved by the FDA for up to two adjacent disc segments. The artificial disc should minimize post-operative neck stiffness.