Wbc 14.5, rbc 3.73, h/h 10.7, 33.7, mchc 31.6, rdw 15.5, neutrophils (absolute) 13240, lymph (absolute) 720, esinophils (absolute) 0, total neutrophils 92%, total lymphocytes 5%, monocytes 3% s/p hysterectomy x9 days - English please! ?

CBC. White count (WBC) /neutrophils- acute infection fighters- hi but just had surgery Check for urine infection, cough or worsening abd pain . Eosin- Ok -only hi if allergy. Lymphs ( viral/ surveillance) lo when neutro hi. U R anemic(h/h) but just had surgery. otherwise seems OK. RDW is red cell distribution -cells vary in size , a bit high but reflective of blood loss. f/u/ w/doc.
Reactive . You just had surgery. The white count will be high. You had some inflammation, Hemoglobin will drop. Inflammation, white count will be high. Just recheck again in a few weeks. Hope this helps.