What medication can be taken for Gastritis, heart burn, reflux if one is allergic to omeprazole. I had acute allergic reaction to 10mg omeprazole.

Gastritis. Besides the PPIs which is the class of drug that omeprazole belongs to, there are H2 blockers class like ranitidine, pepcid (famotidine) and medication like sucralafate. Would discuss with your doctor before starting somethign new. Also check for H pylori a bacteria that has been associated with gastritis/ ulcers ,as gastritis due to h pylori will not heal unless it is treated w/ antibiotics.

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After I eat, I start hipccuping and it causes reflux. I really don't have heart burn. I've been scoped-esophagitis/gastris PPIS dont help. Suggestions?

Mediicne and diet. In your case with documented Gastritis and Esophagitis, you may benefit with additional test and treatment for HPylori, if not tried before. You can go to your PND for a stool or blood test for the same and a trial of the combo treatment. In the meantime, avoid spicy and bigger meals and caffienated drinks. Feel good! Read more...

I wake up hungry. I burp a lot last few days. No heart burn but pain and nausea. Have been to a doctor. Can it be gastritis or is it more serious?

Could be GERD. Gastritis is a possibility, as is gastroesophageal reflux. I suggest you review your dietary habits and symptoms with a GI doc, it may be simpler than having to take any medicine for your discomfort. Read more...