I was prescribed Spiriva and Breo for asthma. Is it OK to take together? When I am feeling better can I take one of them? If so, which is better?

See below. They are ok to take together. If you asthma is so bad you need both of them, I would talk to your pulmonologist regarding testing your IgE levels and an allergen panel. You may be a candidate for xolair or need zyflo. Also, if you get to feeling better, I would stop the spiriva first, only after discussing this with your physician though.
Ok to take both. Spiriva and the bronchodilator in Breo work at different sites to cause the airway the open up and their actions are additive and perhaps even synergistic. Some studies have shown the Spiriva was as good as bronchodilator(beta agonist) but I am not totally convinced of this as yet. But there may be exceptions.