What is the treatment for acute drug reaction to omeprazole, had chills, bone, joint pain, hand feet twitch, dizzy, rash come n gofrequent urination?

Here are some... At suspecting drug allergy, stop the offending drug and seek evaluation / counseling for possible use of antihistamine and a short 3-5 day course of steroid; if short of breath occurs, take emergency visit right away; if just having bearable itch with no swelling of mouth, take antihistamine and wait out-if not getting better as expected in 3-5 days, seek medical attention timely.

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Immediately on takin first dose 10mg omeprazole got chills, frequent urination, bone, joint pain, eye accommodation problem, difficulty finding way, rash,?

May not be the drug. It takes a little bit of time to achieve a blood level of a drug after its ingestion. If your constellation of symptoms occurred within seconds ("immediately") upon swallowing the pill, another contributor may be at play here. Read more...