What is the usual level of lipase in someone with pancreatic cancer? How elevated does it get?

Poor test for cancer. Lipase is usually not elevated in Cancer arising from the Pancreas...so it is not a test we do to check for Cancer. Lipase and Amylase are tests done to make a diagnosis of Pancreatitis.

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Is pancreatic cancer a common cause of mildly elevated lipase levels?

Th 2 different lipa. There is a lipase made in the mouth and one made in the pancreas and they are chemically distinguishable. So yes. Pancreatic cancer can raise lipase levels.
No. More likely is cholelithiasis with common duct stones and alcohol abuse.

When lipase levels do elevate because of pancreatic cancer, how high do the levels tend to get? Very high or just slightly elevated?

May/may not. Unrelia. Lipase is not a reliable test for making a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. It is test which is largely limited in its usfulness, mostly for cases of pancreatitis.

My labs came back should I be worried my lipase are elevated to 59, wondering what could it be. Hoping its not pancreatic cancer?

Why was it tested? That's the most important question to ask. The context in which the lab was drawn will inform how it is interpreted. Lots of things can raise your lipase (e.g. Alcohol use, gallstones, medications, etc.) while pancreatic cancer is a (remote) possibility, have a positive attitude and follow up with your doctor. They can better help interpret the test. 59 is normal in my hospital, btw.

Had slightly elevated lipase (80 when normal reference range was 13-60). I'm terrified of pancreatic cancer! I'm only 33! ?

Lipase, not reliable. Lab tests are only done if the doctor suspects something, based on your symptoms. So you need to tell us why was this test done? Did the ordering doctor tell you what may be wrong and what the Lipase test means? It is important to tell us the complete story! Basically Lipase is not a particularly useful test and rarely helps in making any diagnosis. So it is not likely to indicate Cancer at all.
There are lots of.. ..reasons for a mildly elevated lipase, & pancreatic cancer while on the list is pretty low. A repeat study may be warranted to assess trends at this time. Certainly for your reassurance, & especially if lipase remains persistently elevated or rising, then further investigation should be pursued.

Elevated lipase lab value 180/290 mine 309, 329 then 369 on Lipitor (atorvastatin), mother passed at 84 pancreatic cancer no family history I'm so scared.?

Lipase. You need a ct scan And to check your cholesterol levels and see if the Lipitor (atorvastatin) is optimal.
Not enough info. By itself this number can not tell a doctor if there is a problem. This elevation is not that impressive. If you have concerns, see a surgeon or a GI for further blood work or just a discussion to see if you have any signs of a problem. Once again, lipase alone is not enough.