Front tooth looks like something scraped it, it's not chipped as in a peice is missing it's just scratched and noticeable, at least to me. Options?

Lots. Depending on the severity of the damage, your Dentist has many solutions. Some are enamelplasty (reshaping), bonding, veneers, crowns, just to name some options. See your Dentist for an examination and suggestion as to the best alternative to resolve your problem.
"scraped" tooth. Did you have braces? Do you scrub your teeth vigorously--the scrape or divot in the tooth may be from some enamel that was removed when the brackets were taken off or from tooth brush abrasion. Check with your dentist and find out your options.
Polishing. Your dentist may be able to polish out the scratch if it is not too deep. Otherwise flowable composite can be used to fill in a deeper defect, and then polished out.
Nothing/polish etc. options = nothing, try to polish out the scratch if superficial or do a thin filling over area. No worries Connect with my Virtual Practice on Healthtap for any dental questions with my special keycode: DFWMCQ! Securely video or text chat by virtual appointment.