Can pericardial rub be heard on a heart echo?

Yes. Pericardial friction rubs are notoriously ephemeral; one physician will hear it and it's gone by the time the next physician listens. This is to be expected since there must be exactly the right amount of fluid for the two layers to rub each other and make a sound. Echo answers a deeper question -- is there inflammatory fluid in the pericardial sack?

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Pericardial effusion. Having an unchanged effusion for 25 years, if it was going to be change why did't happen in all these years, so the possibility of drastic change is minimal. If at all happen it may be because of some other reason. Read more...

Ekg left atrial enlargement, nonspecific t wave abnormality, echo done trace mitral regurg, tricuspid regurg. Pericardial effusion global. Is my heart ok?

More info needed. I am assuming echo is showing pericardial effusion and global? Or maybe global hypohypokinesia? Any wall motion abnormalities? Ejection fraction? Do u have any symptoms? At rest or with activities? Any other risk factors? Smoker, overweight, dm, htn, high chol, family history heart attacks, sedentary life etc. Any prior heart attacks? Stress test done. Any recent viral infection? Pericarditis? Read more...