Is Acesulfame Potassium safe?

Most likely. an artificial sweetener more common in europe than in the US. despite some un sanctioned claims that it is a carcinogen, the FDA and similar british agency Deem it safe, and discounts carcinogicity. It is probably best to avoid if you are attempting to loose weight as it has the potential to raise insulin levels, stimulating you to crave more food, similar to how diet sodas prevent weight loss.

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Hello. I am taking protein supplement daily. I am worried about the acesulfame potassium in it. Please advise me..

Stop taking it then! If you're worried about any given ingredient, then stop taking supplement since by definition, supplements aren't necessary. And consider eating real food eg beans, eggs, chicken, fish, etc as your source of protein rather than depending upon supplement w/various ingredients. If convenience is an issue, find some other protein supplement that doesn't have specific ingredient of concern. Read more...