I have been having a bloody nose for a week now. Should I be worried?

Bloody nose x 1 week. Recurrent bloody nose in winter time is quite common. The cold, dry air or dry indoor heated air are culprits. If you are on blood thinners, have a cold, allergies, uncontrolled high blood pressure, have a deviated septum, you may have a tendency to experience nose bleeds. See your doctor to determine cause and best treatment to resolve the bleeding.
Epistaxis. Common cause if from picking the nose. Most often not major unless you are on blood thinners, or if it does not stop or if you have hypertension. Of course you should worry. Hold pressure by pinching the nasal cartilages for 10 minutes by the clock. Ice pack over nose can help. Do not ge frostbite. Dabbing not a good idea. If does not stop go to emergency room.