Why is my nasal turbinates not shrinking with Flonase I spray 2x a day and nothing is working?

Flonase. If your symptoms aren't responding to the drug, which you probably started on your own, you will need professional help, especially if you're pregnant. Kindly see your doctor/ENT for evaluation, good luck.

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How can I resolve the issue to shrink my right nasal turbinate so I won't get any infections. Like what should I do I have Flonase spray?

Turbinate reduction. It sounds like you have had a number of infections and someone says you have a large turbinate. Nasal steroid sprays can help decrease swollen turbinates a little, so feel free to try using this daily for a month. But if you really have turbinate hypertrophy, it may well not shrink enough to change how often you are infected. If not, you might need a surgical reduction. See an otolaryngologist/ENT. Read more...

Is there any benefit from using otravin nasal spray and fluticasone to alleviate nasal turbinates hypertrophy?

Nose. Stay away from the OTC nasal sprays as they are addictive. Fluticasone is fine but takes three weeks to work. You need to look for a cause such as allergies. If none of that helps some people need an office procedure to reduce their size. See an ent and have them check your septum as well. Read more...