How do you know if ovaries are getting blood supply after hysterectomy (removal of uterus, cervix, tubes, and removal of cysts on each ovary but able to save the ovaries)?

Ovaries have dual. blood flow from both from the uterus and from the ovarian artery which is a branch directly off the aorta. So when you remove tubes and uterus, the ovary still gets flow from its second blood source. I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery and hope your ovaries live a quiet, cyst-free existence from now on.

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I am haveing laparoscopic hysterectomy that removes only the uterus leaves the cervix in the ovaries he suggested I get my tubes taken out just in cas?

Not a bad idea. There is newer evidence that some ovarian cancers actually arise in the tubes so removal can be preventative for such. Also, this does not add significant risk nor does it add to your recovery. Thus, most suggest removal of fallopian tubes at the time hysterectomy is performed. Read more...