Can a modified barium swallow test detect even the slightest bit of muscle weakness of the throat?

Barium Swallow. Is designed to find strictures and narrowing, muscular weakness or irregular peristalsis is diagnosed with sequential series, not very sensitive to very mild weakness.

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Does a completely normal barium swallow rule out any muscle weakness in throat I thought I had?

Barium swallow. Was it a regular barium swallow or a modified barium swallow. A modified swallow is done with a speech/swallowing therapist and can give a more clear idea of swallowing function. If you just had a barium swallow, then muscle dysfunction for swallowing cannot be completely ruled out. You probably need evaluation with an ENT, possibly a GI physician, and possibly a neurologist. Read more...

Does a completely normal modified barium swallow with speech therapist present rule out throat muscle weakness. They said no follow up necessary.

Yes. The test visualizes how the esophageal muscle contracts. There is no syndrome that includes esophageal muscle weakness or strength difference. If it works, it works. Sort of all or none. Your symptoms may be due to something else. Since I don't know what they are all I can tell you is that they are not due to esophageal muscle weakness. Read more...