Can upper back (near the neck) pain cause vision problems/muscle weakness and headaches? The pain has been there for 3 weeks. Hurts only when I pressure

Not typically . The nerves that supply your vision are known as cranial nerves and exit directly out of your skull. For that reason cervical spine problems do not typically cause vision problems. Neck problems can be associated with what is known as cervicogenic headaches. These are headaches that usually travel from the back of the neck I to the back if the head. Don't hesitate to be seen.
Nerves in neck. Control eye movement and can produce the symptoms you mention. Please see your doc for diagnosis and treatment. Peace and good health.

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Started Valacyclovir yesterday, had fever of 102 since yesterday, moderate-severe back/neck pain, headache, muscle weakness. Is there another medication I could try?

HealthTap's free. Q & A module doesn't dispense specific treatment recommendations. Also, to decide on a treatment, the doctor must have some idea of what disease they're treating. You're symptoms sound severe enough to warrant a doctor visit and I highly recommend one. Best wishes. Dr. Anne. Read more...