Do shoes help babies' feet develop properly?

No. Babies don't need shoes to develop or learn to walk at all. For safety and cold protection away from home, they are a good idea, but learning to walk "au naturale" is the best for natural foot and walk/run development.
Sometimes. In certain cases we prescribe shoes that help to re-align the malposition of the foot bones/ joints. However, shoes are often culpable for causing foot deformity when not fitted properly!
No. We have had feet a lot longer than we have had shoes. Babies only need shoes when they are walking on rough surfaces. Some intoed feet may improve with shoes, but normal feet do not need shoes to develop. Avoid sandals and flip flop type shoes - the help babies fall down.
Usually not. They can protect and look nice, but they are not necessary until they start walking outdoors.
Generally not. For infants, shoes are mainly for the protection of feet from trauma.
No. Babies' feet develop fine without shoes. Shoes may be worn to protect a baby's feet while he is walking or climbing on wet, muddy, dirty, or sharp/rough surfaces.