My lab work came back with low vitamin D at 26.4, low free testosterone at 7.6, high bilirubin at 2.3, platelets are 326, can any of this be bad? Iv had symptoms of loss of appetite, fatigue, back and joint pain, gynecomastia, shortness of breath,

Abn labs. Low Vit d is common just supplement low testosteroen occurs usually older men but is not uncommon- there are supplements , platelets are OK. The elevated bilirubin is unusual and has to be evaluated .It reflects with liver or gallbladder dysfunction, rarely pancreas need liver function tests, ultrasound or CT, maybe Gilbert's ,Avoid alcohol, tylenol, (acetaminophen) smoking. f/u this weeks w/ doc/ GI.
Labs interpretation. dear Cole, out of all lab results you mentioned , I would recommend to investigate why your bilirubin level is high. It can be a sign of subacute or chronic liver condition. All your symptoms are presentation of systemic problem and it may be liver disease as well In regard of testosterone levels interpretation, usualy it is age dependent and not recommended to check unless males have infertility.