Feeling shaky and light headed and cant sleep?

Anxiety. I understand your distress. These symptoms are likely due to Anxiety caused by various stress in your life. We were born with natural ability to have rest and sleep. Focus on Blessing and Wonder of 3 million air sacs in your lungs due to which you are alive and functioning. Realize and Speak-BREATH IS LIFE! See Video of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park See Psychiatrist for Therapy and Medication.

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I have been feeling light headed lately, that feeling makes me get nauseas, and the feeling of vomiting I cant sleep or eat please help?

ER. Monica, this is potentially very serious. Vomiting and not eating cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that can be lethal. Please tell your parents and go to the ER immediately, it sounds as if you are too sick to drive yourself, have a relative or friend take you. Best. Read more...