For about a month I have had yellow floating poo diarrhoea constipation pencil thin poo need to strain a lot abdominal pain lower back pain?

GI issues. You should see a good gastroenterologist. You seem to be presenting with multiple intestinal issues - fat malabsorption, intestinal pain, maybe pancreatic or biliary issues, maybe lower GI issues. Not addressable in 400 spaces. Perth must have a University Hospital. Get thee to the Division of Internal Medicine and present yourself to their Chief and get a workup. You are interesting, not good!

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I am experiencing abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain left lower and low back pain 5 days. Doctor said constipation but have normal bowel movement.

Exam. Go to urgent care for full history and exam. Urinalysis to look for stones/infection. Full exam focused abdominal exam. Obtain a gastroenterology consult for further workup if indicated. If pain is worsening go to ER for stat labs and possible CT scan to rule out stones, hernia, diverticular disease, vascular disease, and other pathology. . Read more...