I've had a cough, runny nose & my ears are clogged for about 10 dys. There is flem, yet my throat gets super dry at times it tickles causing more cough?

Acute sinusitis? Sounds like you may have an acute sinusitis. Given the 10 day time frame, it could still be viral. I would start with guaifenisin (brand name mucinex) twice daily, use some topical nasal spray (afrin) and flush your nose with saline solution as much as you can tolerate. If you start having fevers or the cough becomes productive, or if this continues for 2 more weeks i would consult your physician.
Sinusitis. By definition, the duration of the constellation of symptoms you describe are consistent with a bacterial sinus infection and you will likely benefit from a coarse of antibiotics. Nasal saline may also shorten the duration of your symptoms.