Prolozone for knees, is it recommened over surgry?

It could be. Prolozone treatment according to the dr which start this treatment to rebuild the the bone and cartilage and rief pain, that could work? In minor cases but when you have sever changes in the joints I am sure at the present this will not help and surgery will the best approah.
Prolozone. Prolozone is injection of ozone and nutrients into the joint space. I have found it very effective in my practice as a natural option to avoid drugs and surgery. If injections are not successful surgery is still an option. I always try to avoid surgical intervention if possible.
Prednisone? Uncertain what prolozone is and am suggesting you meant Prednisone . Prednisone is a corticosteroid and a very strong antiinflammatory agent, but is has side effects with short term and long term use. Before agreeing to surgery you should see a rheumatologist who is a medical expert in musculoskeletal diseases and can weight the benefit of these two, and see if there are other option for you.