What causes lymph nodes under/next to ear and back of neck to be swollen? (no tenderness but quite annoying to feel)

Lymph nodes swollen. Swollen lymph nodes are a sign of inflammation of the lymphatic system and typically around the ear and back of the neck point to a possible issue with the scalp. I see this frequently in patients who have tight braided hair. Any lymph node that continues to enlarge, or remain tender, should be evaluated by your doctor.

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Lower down on the base of my neck my head feels swollen on the side and gets very sore my lymph nodes are also it happens every couple of months?

Joint, muscle or URI. The most likely causes for your neck discomfort is arthritic change in your cervical spine. The pain comes from spasm of the muscles that overlie the bony spine or inflamed joints in the front (uncinate joints) and back (facet joints) of the spinal column in your neck. The lymph nodes raise the possiblity of upper respiratory infection, but there other serious causes for these so see your doctor. Read more...