Where can I buy over the counter Salicylic acid for acne? Thanks

See A Doctor Too. Topical Salicylic Acid for the treatment of Acne can be found over the counter as Neutrogena acne products, also Clean and Clear products. Each brand makes several types including face wash, moisturizers, and astringents so do read the labels to confirm ingredients. Successful Acne treatment typically requires long term management and best outcomes are achieved under regular care of a doctor.

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Hi doctor! How effective is neostrata glycolic acid face wash (18%) for grade 2 acne scars? I underwent 30% salicylic acid peel thrice. Not much use. So if the face wash is effective then Please suggest a regimen too. Thank you

Forget this stuff. Nothing you can do on your own is going to touch the acne scars. I'm sorry your acne wasn't treated as it should have been, but you do have the option of getting seen by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who may offer laser work, filler, or microsurgery. Best wishes. Read more...