Help!! What does it mean when you have low hemoglobin, low hemocrait, low mcv, low mch, low mchc high rdw, high iron binding capacity, low ferritin?

Iron deficiency. You and your physician need to find the cause. It may be anything from heavy periods to non-supplementing vegetarianism to a bleeding gut ulcer or tumor to hookworm to a host of others. Good luck finding the real cause. You wil feel better when you are treated.

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My CBC shows low hemglobin of 10.5, mch, MCV and mchc low and RDW high iron and tibc shows iron serum low 14 and iron saturation 5 alert and ferritin se?

Iron def anemia. You have iron deficiency anemia-from your blood work provided. You need iron supplement-but most importantly to find out why you have iron deficiency anemia. Bleeding/blood loss- , malabsorption of iron in the stomach, or poor nutrition status/not enough intake of iron from the food could be the cause. Go to see your pmd and have more eval. If needed, referral to a hematologist can be done by pmd. Read more...