I had two wisdom teeth pulled on my left side (upper and lower) in Feb 2016, today I have a small hard lump on my jaw. Its sensitive to the touch.

Sensitive Lump. Where is the "lump"? Near the extraction sites? Next to another tooth? Inside your mouth? On your face or neck? Is the lump movable? Without these answers it is very difficult to guess as what it might be. Please go back to your surgeon for a post op evaluation.
Coincidental. May or may not be related to your recent surgery. Should be examined and evaluated. Important that you see the Oral Surgeon or treating Dentist who removed your wisdom teeth.
No worries. No worries...Depending on when your surgery was, a cellulitis (hard lump) is a firm swelling in soft tissue but it can also be a prelim to abcess (infection) . This will go away in due time but just cuz it might be an infection I would go back to the dentist to have it evaluated .