My doctor has given me naproxen and diazepam for pinched nerve in my neck. I have numbness in my left forearm hand and 2 middle fingers. Still in agon?

C5-6 disc. You need an MRI to establish the Dx of a disc rupture. You may need a new disc. Check with an orthopedist, neurosurgeon or isa operation frightens you check a physiatrist. Too late for a chiropractor.
Pinched nerve numbn. I understand your distress of pinched nerve and numbness of left forearm hand and 2 middle fingers, Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory medication for pain, and Diazepam is for Anxiety. Feeing ”Still in agony after taking these medications” requires immediate Diagnosis. Please go to ER, have examination and all necessary lab and X-ray done, Specialist consultations for Diagnosis and Treatment.