Could you tell me if someone has been operated upon for cataract, can he see properly thereafter?

Yes. Cataract Surgery is the safest & most successful surgery in world. More than 90% of patients achieve perfect vision 20/20 if no prior eye diseases present. Complications are very rare; More info: [email protected]
Usually. With modern cataract surgery, the visual results are usually excellent. Assuming the person does not have any underlying issues with the health of their eye, cataract surgery generally provides excellent vision at distance, usually without glasses. Patients usually need reading glasses with routine cataract surgery.
Most of the time! With today's procedures and lens implants most people can see immediately after surgery. It is not uncommon for the vision to fluctuate after the surgery. This usually is blurring /and clouding of the vision and usually resolves in the first 24 hours. Some people may take longer, and usually is not a reason for concern. Follow with your surgeon if you have a concern.