Can you have low grade fever and high neutrophils from chronic prostatitis?

Possible, but... How the body may manifest its infection-related symptoms widely varies among people. So, what you reported is likely. Remember: All the test reports have to correlate with detailed history, physical exam, and serial follow-up testing and physical exam as needed so to deduce the clinical significance of a report. More? Ask your doctor.

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Can chronic prostatitis with out bacteria make neutrophils go up?

No. Look for another cause, or if you feel well and the cells are normal in morphology, don't give it much thought. A cold shower can drive neutrophils way, way up. Read more...

Can chronic prostatitis cause wbc and neutrophils levels to go up?

Not likely. because chronic prostatitis is not a systemic infection or even infection at all. Have your doctor investigate for other causes of abnormal CBC. Read more...