I have a bottom left cracked and rotted wisdom tooth ialso have an up left impacted wisdom tooth as well as an over bite what should I do?

See a dentist. It seems like you may be in a lot of pain. You may need to see a dentist. Many adults get their wisdom teeth removed because of impaction and pain. A dentist should be able to get you the help needed quite easily and also prescribe some analgesics for a few days before and after the teeth removal. Hope this helps.
See an oral surgeon. Have those rotten teeth removed. Then see a dentist to have yourself evaluated and an orthodontist if you would like to correct that overbite.
Neglect. You now have an acute problem brought on by neglecting a chronic problem. Find a Dentist to quarterback your care. Have Dentist refer you to 2 specialists, an Orthodontist and an Oral Surgeon. Do it now.
Infection. from decayed teeth is not good for your health. Ingestion of these bacteria is not good for your system. The deep bite can cause traumatic relationship that's damaging to the teeth and TMJ. .
Extraction. Your wisdom teeth have nothing to do with your overbite. If the bottom wisdom tooth is not restorable, it would be better to have it extracted. It may be easier on you to have all of your wisdom teeth extracted at the same time to avoid future problems.