What can you do for tinnitus?

Find the cause. Tinnitus may be due to some other problems such as otosclerosis ( abnormal bone growth in middle ear), acoustic neuroma, natural hearing impairment due to aging, ear infection, foreign body in the ear etc...
Hearing test. Tinnitus, especially when constant, is often the first indicator of hearing loss. If you have persistent tinnitus, first get your hearing tested. If you have significant hearing loss and are a candidate for a hearing aid, you may find the tinnitus becomes less noticeable. Asymmetric hearing loss and tinnitus warrant further investigation. Sleep disruptive tinnitus can be treated w/medications.
Understanding. At present there are no know cures for tinnitus. That is, no oral medicine is known to resolve the perception of sound in the ear(s). It is certainly possible that in the foreseeable future, intra-tympanic medicines, like leupeptin, may be successful. At the present time,masking the intensity and the pitch of the tinnitus with an aid or electro-magnetism of the head may give relief.