What is the best treatment for glacoma?

Lowest side effects. The best treatment is that which prevents glaucoma progression while minimizing side effects. This could be eye drops, laser surgery , or even incisional surgeries.
Either way. Compliance is the key to answer your question. How often do you remember taking your drops. If it is less than 50% of the time then laser therapy for glaucoma is a great option. It also depends on the severity of the disease. If you have mild glaucoma, then the answer is either way. If you have the advanced form then you may have a combination of the two.
Drops or laser. There are a number of different ways to treat glaucoma all of which lower the pressure in your eye. Most of the time we start by using eye drops, but you can also have a laser done which lowers the pressure in your eye without the need for drops. If the laser and drops do not help then sometimes we have to an eye surgery to bring the pressure down.