31yrold. Dry/sticky mouth. Throat pain, tired while talking. ANA (<1:40), RA, ESR, CRP, WBC normal. Doc said no sjogern. Can these numbers change later

Mouth-breathing? You may have a condition known as dry mouth which may be helped with artificial saliva and sucking on sugarless lemon drop. There are medications to stimulate saliva production also. If you breathe through your mouth due to nasal obstruction, relieving the nasal obstruction may re-channel the air passage. Biotin mouthwash, toothpaste may be helpful.

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31yrmale. Sjogerns negative (ana<1:40, RA -ve, CRP, ESR normal). Feel dry mouth&tongue always esp while talking/doing exercise&inturn fatigue N head press?

Dehydration. We 'use up' water in our daily activities -esp exercising (sweating) and even talking because you're expelling air which must be humidified to 100% before it can be breathed in--therefore, when exhaled, a 'cloud' of water goes with it. Try increased fluids. Check urine for a light yellow to clear color-that will indicate you're hydrated. Limit heat exposures. Fatigue should get better if hydrated. Read more...